Expand your expertise in counselling female digital leaders

The up-skilling programme is a framework for individual and self-directed information retrieval around counselling female digital leaders. It is designed to be used either as a lecture within an educational institution (e.g., a university) or as a self-information platform for guidance professionals and (female) leaders.
The concept of the DIGIGEN programme:
– The materials provided are building blocks, i.e. the information can be used according to need and personal interest.
– Learning/teaching styles vary between European countries and institutions.
– The programme is designed for 5 ETCS. However, depending on the extent to which the topics are covered, it can be up to 15 ETCS.
– While the DIGIGEN programme is not currently certified, it is designed to be easily certified by any organization that wishes to use its materials. This flexibility allows for the programme to be seamlessly integrated into existing educational frameworks, enhancing its potential for widespread adoption. For example, HR professionals may be more interested in Topic 2 “Digital Organisation” and Topic 4 “Organisational Framework”. A career counsellor might prefer Topic 3 “Female Empowerment” or Topic 5 “Professional Counselling”. Trainers may choose a selection of topics for their training. For example, in a more interactive setting, it might be preferable to start with Topic 5, “Professional Counselling”, with its case studies, whereas, in a more academic context, it might be preferable to start with theory.

Want to have access to the programme?

The materials are pre-sorted to allow targeted access. Trainers have access to all the documents produced. Guidance Professionals can access all presentations and background information but not the instructions for trainers. Female leaders see the same as counsellors but not the theoretical aspects of counselling. All documents are fully available in the download area, regardless of the target group.


Access all documents in the download area (pdf, docx, pptx):

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*People in the picture (from left to right): Annemarie van der Wees, Carlotta Crippa, Mindaugaus Bagdonavičius, Nikki Wamelink, Marie-Louise Rickhoff, Anke Reuter, Tim Herberger, Wendy Broersen, Tráserné Oláh Zsuzsanna, Ágnes Cserkúti, Michael Scharpf, Bernd-Joachim Ertelt.

*NOT in the Picture: Jan Woldendorp, Dennis Trotta, Goda Jocytė, Edita Rudminatė, Caroline van Leuven, Vida Drąsutė

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