Competence profiling

It aims at gathering information on the need of the target group and end-user group of DigiGen, that are HR practitioners and career counsellors and women in management position.

Up-Skilling program

It is a blended learning program for HR practitioners and career counsellors; it takes into account elements of face-to-face-training complemented by a self-directed online course and online materials in which participants can deepen the knowledge conveyed in the face-to-face-training.

Piloting and face-to-face training

All the project’s results will be included into the national face-to-face trainings that will be organized by project partners in Germany, Hungary and the Netherlands.The results will be also tested in a one-day pilot course.

Web Portal and self-direct online course

The web portal aims to be the gateway through interested parties group can access the main outputs and components. The platform will present sections for trainers  for each partner’s country available in all partner’s languages.

Sustainability management

It includes the organisation of workshops, the evaluation and monitoring of the progress of the project, the risk management, and the involvement of the partners in effective communication and networking (internal and external).