About the project

Digital competence is and will be one of the increasingly important asset for companies and their employees in the coming years.

Digitalisation demands the acquisisation of the digital skills, and it also involves new work and learning models, as well as innovative approaches to problem solving and decision making in companies, wich play a role in all management level.

Recent studies shows that necessary digitalisation skills are not available in many companies, especially in the small-medium enterprises. Many managers don’t feel sufficiently prepared for the upcoming changes, while the companies are already in the process of digitalisation.


The importance of digitalisation can be combined with another priority of the European Parliament, that has uged the Commission and the Member States to use the full potential of digitalisation to promote the empowerment of the women in management positions.

Furthermore there is not enough professional counselling in management and, for the reasons outlined above the professional career guidance of women manager by HR practitioners and career counsellor in the field of the digitalisation become essential.