Transnational partners meeting

First face-to-face meeting was done in Budapest with warm welcome. Partners had time to present the methods behind the literature reviews, discussed about the quality of literature fitting the special purpose of leading women in digitalization. Aso presented and discussed the method behind the questionnaires. This meeting was very productive in terms of achieving set results.

Partners met in the Netherlands to discuss and develop Up-Skilling program modules for professional career guidance for woman in management position in the field of Digital Competence.

We’re thrilled to share that our recent transnational partners meeting in Kaunas, Lithuania, held on September 12-13, was a resounding success! Digi-Gen project is right on track, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the progress. We’ve developed a comprehensive questionnaire, streamlined our lesson slides, and set a steady course for completing the learning program by February. Accessibility enhancements, website updates, enriched content, and many more important tasks were completed.