Professional career guidance for woman in management position in the field of Digital Competence

At the beginning of 2020, the European Commission came up with a Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2025, placing the situation of women in the labour market at the centre of European policy: women should be able to achieve professional goals in the same way as men and exploit their potential to the fullest (European Commission 2020). 

Currently, a significant issue is the persisting gap between women and men filling management positions. At the same time, the need for digital competencies increases. Especially in management positions, digitalisation not only demands the acquisition of digital skills but also involves new work and learning models as well as innovative approaches to problem-solving and decision-making in companies. 

Furthermore, there is insufficient professional counselling for managers and companies, especially in qualification counselling and competence development. For this reason, DIGIGEN will develop, test and evaluate a holistic and scientifically up-skilling programme for HR practitioners and career counsellors that will include the didactic basis, modules and materials to conduct training via different channels (face-to-face and ICT based). The direct target group of the project are HR practitioners and career counsellors. The indirect target group concerns women in management positions who need and ask for special digital skills.

Aim and Objectives

The DIGIGEN project consist on developing, piloting, evaluating an up-skilling programme for guidance professionals.

The main objectives of the DIGIGEN project are:

Improve the career chances for women in management positions.

Promote women’s participation in digital development.

Improve counselling competences and satisfy the need of an up-skilling program for HR practitioners and career counsellors in the topic digital competences and career development of women in management positions.

Promote the cooperation between Higher Education Institution and companies.

Promote transnational exchanges and cooperation between partners.

Project details

Project period: 01.11.2021-31.10.2024

Erasmus+ program: KA220 –VET – Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training.

Target groups:  HR practitioners, career counsellors and women in management positions.

Stakeholders: Higher Education Institution, teachers, researchers, education experts, employment agencies.